About The North Elm Cemetery Association

The North Elm Cemetery is maintained by and is the responsibility of the North Elm Cemetery Association, a
501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Association was established in 1958, and it oversees the day to day operations of the Cemetery.

When the first trustees of the cemetery died and the others moved away, the cemetery was left unattended to grow over. In 1969, the Association was re-established with new trustees who, through the years, have gathered donations to fund maintenance of the cemetery.

The Association sponsors an all day picnic and business meeting held on the 1st Saturday in May of every year. The annual picnic and business meeting serve as a tribute to the many people interred at North Elm Cemetery and their families who have contributed to the founding of North Elm and the surrounding communities.

The Association's responsibility is to assure that the North Elm Cemetery will always be a vital and active part of the community, and that the history contained therein will live forever.