North Elm Baptist Church

On September 22, 1871, minutes from a Little River Baptist Association Meeting, note the approval of a petition for membership from the North Elm Church, a newly organized church.

According to local history, the church was organized by Moses Wright Price with Loucenda Goodnight Fuller given acknowledgment of joining the church as one of its first members. She was the daughter of Elijah Goodnight brother to Charles Goodnight, famous Texas cattleman. The date is unknown as to when the church was originally built. It’s thought the congregation met in various locations until a church structure was built.

During the early years, country churches shared pastors and the church met only one or two Sundays each month. The church was organized for a second time after being destroyed by fire in 1881. It had one room, the outside painted white and did not have a bell as did many early country churches.

In April of 1941, the last pastor of the North Elm Baptist Church, Pastor Johnny Cole, resigned and the church became inactive. There was an auction held and Mrs. Houston purchased the church. She sold the lumber to her brother, Wright Price and he built his home with it.