Books available from the Association

Yarrellton, North Elm and the North Elm Cemetery History Book, 1870 – 2009, The cost is $27.50 including shipping.

Yarrellton and North Elm News from The Cameron Herald, 1895-1945, Milam County, Texas, abstracted by Carol Sue Gibbs, 122 pp, $15 + 2.50 shipping. All funds generated from the sale of this book are donated to the Association.

This interesting book is full of information about the Yarrellton and North Elm communities and their residents. It has been used as a reference for obtaining genealogical information, birth, marriage, and death dates not found in the Milam County Courthouse due to the fires having destroyed records.

Generations of Country Cooking, the cost is $12.50 plus $2.00 shipping for this wonderful cookbook published by the Association in 2006. Copies are available. This cookbook is full of recipes from many of those that are buried at North Elm Cemetery as well as present members. You will enjoy the recipes of years gone by.

To order the books any of the books listed above, send a check including shipping if required, to:

North Elm Cemetery Association
P. O. Box 14
Cameron, TX 76520